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MaT Prep

model & talent prep

Do you dream to have a career in modeling or acting?

Dreams are what drive us all to greatness.  They mold us, motivate us, and help us to achieve the impossible. Here at Meraki Studios, we have a saying, “We want you to worry about you, let us worry about the rest.”

Meraki Studios wants to assist you in every step so that you can be fully prepared to launch your career and have a portfolio to show agencies around the world. We place our main focus on the “in between” - that time between your decision to become a model or actor and the time when you are signed.

Allow us to gather a professional portfolio of custom design that encompasses the magnificent talent you bring forth. Meraki Studios has professionals working with you throughout the entire process. We know what the industry is looking for and we have experience in many areas of the modeling world. We have personally worked on commercial sets, magazine photo shoots, styled and directed fashion shows and worked for a modeling agency as “Director of Models”. 

We offer packages from a variety of options, such as Comp Cards, Digital Portfolios, and Custom Designed Personal Websites.

Meraki Studios will capture portraits for you in various locations and satisfy every aspect of your modeling desires. Each portrait will be handled with care and given the most professional touch to ensure that it will travel with you in pristine condition to every meeting. We want to make sure that when you leave Meraki Studios, you will have everything you could possibly need to start growing within the modeling industry. 


Let Meraki Studios make your dream become a reality!